Thursday, February 7, 2013

Driver's Ed. at the Triple D

It is almost Spring time again, which means last year's babies are growing up!  For all of you parents, you know just how bittersweet that is....especially when they start learning how to drive!  Not only is it bittersweet, but its SCARY! Well, this week we thought we'd start giving some of our "teenagers" some driving lessons..... (please don't try this at home!)  We started with Kupalo ("Coo-paul-oh", Amur leopard) & Aryaa ("Uh-Rye-uh", snow leopard).

Kupalo was initially excited.  He got in the driver's seat confident of his natural cat-like reflexes and was sure he'd be smooth behind the wheel...Well, he was.  But he wasn't as smooth as he thought....  Being a leopard, he prides himself on being fast and agile.  However, street racing is illegal...even for an endangered species. Not too long after his joy ride began, did it end.  He was pulled over and asked to step out of the vehicle.  After revealing that he had no license, registration, or proof of insurance, the car was towed & he was humbly escorted home.  I guess my little boy wasn't quite ready to hit the road.    

Kupalo confidently got in the driver's seat
(Photo by Kathleen O'Neil)
He immediately got a rush of driving power
(Photo by Kathleen O'Neil)

After going WAY TOO FAST, Kupalo was escortedout of the vehicle and taken home....
(Photo by Kathleen O'Neil)

And then it was Aryaa's turn...

She immediately and naturally conquered the car!  She was a pro!!!  Although, her humility needs some work....She had no problem rubbing it in Kupalo's face.  Kids will be kids, I suppose.... 

Aryaa was a driving machine!
(Photo by Kathleen O'Neil)
Aryaa was less than encouraging to her less fortunate counter part during their
driving lessons....
(Photo by Kathleen O'Neil)

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