Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Remember When?

For anyone who has followed the Triple D animals, is starting to follow, or even if this is your first is always fun to witness the development from  baby to teen to adulthood of our animals.  So I just wanted to take a moment to post a few "Then & Now" pictures for our amusement.  ENJOY!!!

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Kali & Khia:  
Mountain Lion Litter Mate Sisters 
Born: July 05, 2011

Kali (right) & Khia (left) - 2 months old
Kali - 2 years old
Image provided by Donald Knight
Khia - 2 years old

Snow Leopard 
Born: May 13, 2012 

2 months old
Image provided by Donald Knight

1.5 years old
Doesn't quite fit the same on Heather's shoulder 
Black Bear 
Born: January 17, 2011

Casey Bear at 6 months old
Image provided by Jurgen Sohns
Casey Bear at 2.5 years old
Image provided by Chandelle Cotter

Amur Leopar 
Born: May 10, 2012
Kupalo @ 2 months old
Image provided by Anita Erdman
Kupalo or "King Kupa" at 1.5 years old
Heather's left shoulder is often his "throw
Image provided by Chandelle Cotter
Brown Bear 
Born: January 16, 2012
The day he arrived at his forever home with his forever "mom" at 2 months old.  He weighed 6.2 lbs

This is Bruno as of September 24, 2013
He still has another year and a half to grow!!
Image provided by Tom & Pam Holmes

Born: March 19, 2013
Hershey Kiss at 2 weeks old in Mariposa, CA
Image provided by Lacy Deist
Hershey at 6 months old playing with Hank

Overview for 2014 Road TripSSSSSSSSS

That's right!  The Triple D will be taking more than one road trip in 2014!

We have already announced that in April, 2014 we will be traveling to Cortez, CO; more specifically the Canyon of the Ancients near the Four Corners.  We will have our best wildlife models exhibiting their natural physique amidst impressive Anasazi ruins.  In addition, we will offer an Authentic Western Horse Roundup, which includes a running herd of beautiful horses that will be showing off their majesty alongside the distinct red rocks at McElmo Creek!

Below are some images of one of the available Anasazi ruins that we will be using for our April sessions. Just imagine....a bobcat, a wolf, maybe even a mountain lion jumping up & around this incredible ancient structure!!!
Image provided by Garry & Ming Adams @

Image provided by Garry & Ming Adams @

Image provided by Garry & Ming Adams @

So if these amazing ruins weren't enough to get you through the year, don't you worry....we've got you covered!!!!  Next stop, SLOT CANYONS!!!  Canyon X to be more specific....
Dates and more information will be released soon, but I'd love to post a teaser image just to get those photographic wheels spinning....

We will have exclusive rights to ensure an uninterrupted experience for our guests and our animals.  

Image provided by Charly Moore @
Image provided by Charly Moore @