Monday, January 30, 2012

A big thank you to Jeff Wendorff and sharing his amazing talent with the Triple "D" staff!  It is always so much fun to see the results of the workshops and photo/filming sessions that take place here, and Jeff generously provided some of his pictures just for our blog!  Thanks, Jeff! 

In addition to capturing the majesty of our animals, he also amazingly illustrates the beautiful habitats in which they are filmed.  Our staff continuously works diligently on maintaining our filming sites to ensure their purity, allure, and of course their safety for our guests and our animals.   


Andy, a 10 year old Mountain Lion

Kali, a 7 month old Mountain Lion

Khia (Kali's littermate), a 7 month old Mountain Lion

Dudette, a 9 year old Cross Fox

Ferrah, a 10 month old Fisher

Lil' Joey, a 2 year old Red Fox

Honey, a 4 year old Arctic Fox

Simba, a 9 month old Canada Lynx

Julia, a 9 month old Arctic Wolf
Horse Roundup

Great Horned Owl

Farewell, Nick!

Nick giving Casey Bear some birthday love
Triple "D" will be saying goodbye to one of the trainers, Nick, tomorrow.  He is leaving for personal reasons unrelated to Triple "D" and we are so saddened by his departure and he will be TRULY missed by the staff, clients, and the animals. We wish him the best in his future & hope to see him again real soon!
Casey's reaction to Nick leaving...

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Happy Birthday, Casey Bear!!!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO CASEY BEAR!!!!  Casey got to celebrate his first birthday (Jan 17) with his family at DDD!  And of course, his mom has him on a strict diet, so we kept his treats mostly along the healthy line; carrot cake, cheesecake, apple pie, & strawberry muffins.  (He did manage to get some cotton candy flavored cupcakes however, with frosting on top spelling out "Casey Bear.")  He had a blast as the DDD crew & guests watched him celebrate!  A special thank you to Jeff Wendorff for being our photographer & providing these amazing photos of our special black bear, Casey....

The Birthday setup...
complete with Pooh Bear 1st birthday party hats & plates!
We love you Casey Bear!!!!!
Casey Bear's 1st birthday!

Casey & his mama, Heather

Casey & his DDD family (Heather, Nick, & Jesse)
Nick & Casey

The birthday boy

Monday, January 16, 2012


LET IT SNOW!!!  This crazy winter finally gave way to some snow this past week!  We want to thank the last two groups that made it out!!  Thanks to our guests who attending our Winter Special & our "Animals in Winter" weekend!  And also a big thank you to another successful workshop with Jeff Wendorff!  We had a packed 8 days of filming, but the animals did great & consistently make us proud!  Thanks to the snow, our arctic foxes (Honey & Jeff) had their winter and 2012 debut this morning, and those eyes on Honey are to die for!
Heather trying on Montana's
version of a Snuggie
Nick & Otis right before
the snow really fell

Filming or not, however, we're always at work...In fact, we even put our talent to work!  Not sure how good of a job it is, but they 'A' for effort!!!

Back in September, Canon Master of Light, Bruce Dorn, shot a promotional video with our trainer, Heather  and our mountain lion cubs, Kali & Khia.  Check it out!!!!

Monday, January 2, 2012

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!  I hope everyone had a SAFE and happy new year celebration!  Although its January, it feels more like spring here in Kalispell...Unfortunately, there is only just a bit of snow on the ground, but the weather is calling for snow tonight, so fingers crossed!!!

Filming for 2012 begins this Saturday! YAY!!!  We will be hosting our Winter Special & look forward to welcoming our guests, new & returning, and introducing them to our amazing animals!  

Also, if you tried to click on the links from last week, here are a couple of better links for GMA & Fox Morning News.  Thanks, Carolyn Wright!!

Good Morning America:

Fox Morning News: