Tuesday, March 19, 2013

2013 So far....

As many of you know, the Triple D staff will be spending the entire month of April in beautiful Mariposa, CA, the gateway to Yosemite National Park.  An endeavor of that magnitude takes a lot of preparation!  So, on top of our regular filming schedule for the past three months, our entire staff has been working around the clock to make sure that this is our most successful Spring trip yet!  It takes a whole lot more than just loading up some animals into travel trailers and getting there.  Not only do the animals have to be primed and ready to be photographed (some without fences even!), but the business still has to run; on the road AND at home.    There is so much to it!  For starters, we have to make sure that their is enough food ground, mixed, and ready to go for an entire month at home and away from home.  All of the training meat for an entire month is cut up and frozen prior to departing.  Utility trailers, trailer houses, and animal trailers are all scrubbed down and prepped for a month of residence.  A month's worth of food and drinks are purchased, packed and loaded.  Many many supplies are needed for filming, living, and business.  Supplies such as, many posts and reels for electrical fencing for the wolves and bear sites.  Lots of wire fencing and posts and construction/repair supplies and tools are needed for the various sites.  Medical supplies, emergency medications, first aid, etc... are packed and loaded.  Training supplies, pouches, belts, clickers, feed sticks, toys, toy sticks, etc.... Really, this list goes on and on.  We have many staff meetings about this trip just to make sure that the entire staff stays on the same page.  We are constantly revising our "California To Do" list.   Also, since we are taking half of our staff and half of our animals away from the daily grind, that does not mean the daily grind comes to a halt.  In fact, its quite the opposite.  Kathleen & Lynsi will be in charge of making sure that Triple D is ready to go for our return; buildings scrubbed, sanitized, and painted.  Some of the floors will be redone. New trees and flowers will planted in our filming sites and around the grounds.  Even some photography of the animals that stay behind will take place!  There is so much responsibility for both sides (those who are going and those who are staying), that communication and preparation is key.  There is absolutely no room for error.  Now with all that said, its important to understand that on top of all of  what goes into this elaborate trip, we still have our normal "To Do" list to accomplish.  These last four weeks have been jam packed with filming, photography workshops, construction and destruction projects, training, cleaning & feeding of the animals, and of course California preparation.

Sneak Peek!  Casey Anderson and cameraman
observes as Kali approaches an animatronic
Big Horn Sheep for an appearance in Casey's
"America The Wild" on NatGeo Wild!, airing
Fall of 2013
We recently filmed with Casey Anderson of Grizzly Creek Films and National Geographic again with our mountain lion superstars, Kali & Khia.  Casey's new series will be airing this fall on NatGeo Wild and the show that is about big horn sheep will feature Kali & Khia.  They will be showing off their athletic abilities and their natural instincts to hunt the big horn sheep.  It was an amazing experience, not only for the staff of GCF and Triple D, but also for the cats!!  We are excited to see their hard work come to life on national television!
Kali exercising her athletic abilities across of a ridge top for
NatGeo Wild! 

For those of you who have been here before and are coming back (we thank you), you will notice that the buildings are constantly being updated and upgraded and also the grounds are looking better and better each year.  Just last week, Jay (owner & co-founder) and Greg (maintenance) took to the tractor, cables, chains, and chainsaws and dropped down some huge Birch trees that were long overdue for falling.  It looked like Armageddon in our backyard!  But it was fun for everyone!  And now there is no risk that trees will be falling through buildings or trucks if a big wind came through, so YAY for dead tree destruction!  Hahaha!
Jay (operating the tractor) & Greg (in the bucket with a chainsaw) getting
ready to take down some dead birch trees
The aftermath....

So, we hope to see you in California, there are still a few spots left!  If not, come visit us in Kalispell...the summer's (and winters) are AMAZING!  Our schedule fills up so fast so don't wait too long!

For more information about our events and workshops please call our office @ 406.755.9653 or email us at info@tripledgamefarm.com

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