Friday, December 28, 2012

  Happy Holidays from the Triple D!   

Some of the animals here wanted to share their holiday spirit with everyone and they put on their Sunday bests to do so! We all enjoyed our holiday season, but are so eager to get back to business!  The animals LOVE romping in the snow and are so excited to get out and show off their majesty! We hope you all had a wonderful holiday celebration and have a SAFE and happy New Year!! See you in 2013!!!!!

Kupalo (Amur Leopard) jingled his way through Christmas
(Photo by Lacy Deist-Schneider)
Bruno (Brown Bear) enjoying a bear-sized
candy cane that Santa brought him!
(Photo by Lacy Deist-Schneider)
Kali (Mountain Lion), beautiful in blue
(Photo by Lacy Deist-Schneider)
Aryaa (Snow Leopard) strutting her stuff,
flaunting herpretty Christmas bow
(Photo by Lacy Deist-Schneider)
Kali (Mountain Lion) proud to
show off her holiday spirit
(Photo by Lacy Deist-Schneider)
Heather & Lynsi prepping
Avril (Canadian Lynx) for her photo shoot
(Photo by Lacy Deist-Schneider)

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