Monday, October 24, 2011


Here are some fun photos of the enrichment we provide the hard working stars of Triple D.
Simba, Canadian Lynx, lounging in a box of straw

Toby, Siberian Lynx, laying under his Christmas Tree

Dot, Snow Leopard, chewing on a scented box

Casey, Black Bear, eating peas out of a candy box

Dora, Siberian Lynx, relaxing with her logs and pine bows

Ferrah, Fisher, climbing in her jungle gym

Winter Ready

Triple D Staff along with some volunteers have been out on site cleaning and pruning the compounds for the winter snowfall.  This nice cliff side went from bushy and overgrown to clean and snow-ready.  Heather and Nick have stocked up on all the winter apparel they could find and are starting to test it all out.

Although the trainers are gearing up for winter Kali and Khia, along with the rest of the Triple D animals, are enjoying the remaining perks of Fall.  Playing in the fallen leaves and a little game of hide and seek are some of their favorites.
Khia hiding, can you see her?
Kali posing on lead

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Heather & Cpt Jack
The trainers at Triple D continue to make progress with getting all of the animals acclimated and accustomed.  Captain Jack & Heather (left) were able to get one last warm day in last week.  Now, its all hoodies & warm boots from now until Spring! 

Heather, Andy, & Nick

Andy is getting really comfortable with his new trainers, as Heather & Nick proceed with regular walks and socializations.  He spends his walks purring & rubbing on anything that will feel good scratching his neck.  He is easily motivated for treats & affection. 

The mountain lion cubs are tipping the scales now at over 20 pounds!!!  Their walks are filled with exploring challenges, but they gain more and more confidence every day!  They enjoy each other's company and rumble & tumble with each other at every chance they get. 
Kali (left) & Khia (right)
Khia watching Jesse on the tractor as he works hard on new habitats

Monday, October 10, 2011

Thanks to Paul Burwell for another great week of filming here at Triple D!!  We had a great three days with a wonderful group! 

Now, back to the grind!  There has been lots of talk here as we get ready for our big event in April.  Slots are filling up fast for Monument Valley so don't forget to get your names on the list!  Nick & Heather are already getting animals ready for the month long trip to Utah, and are getting excited for their first April trip. 

This week will be spent mostly on training the mountain lion kittens to walk on lead, acclimating Dot, a 5 year old male snow leopard to walking with his new trainers on lead, and making advancements in our coyote pup's and wolf puppies' training. Wish us luck!!!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Happy Monday!!!  First, we want to thank Becky & Glen Grambo & their entire group for a GREAT four days of filming!  We got a lot accomplished and the animals were a blast!  The trainers definitely got their work outs in while working the animals.  We'd also like to share an incredible artist's website,  Christina Langman spends hundreds of hours with colored pencils bringing her art to life.  We look forward to seeing the results of this film shoot!