Monday, June 30, 2014

Road Trips! 2014 & 2015

Although, we don't want to skip over these beautiful summer months, we are nonetheless inching our way towards the fall.  And this year, a month of our autumn season will be spent in Page, AZ; home to the Slot Canyons, and more specifically Canyon X.  We have partnered up with Overland Canyon Tours, who has exclusive access to this particular canyon.  That means that WE are the ONLY ones who get to be in the canyon!  And we get to bring our awesome wildlife with us!!!  How cool is that?!?!?! Our roster for this trip is as follows: 
*mountain lion
*tundra wolf
*red fox
*silver fox
*cross fox
*raccoon (tentative)
*possible mountain lion cub (stay tuned!!!)
Prep has already commenced as these road trips are quite extensive.  We are all looking forward to extending our time in the sunshine in the lovely state of Arizona.  We hope to see many familiar and fresh faces there with us!


We are excited to announce that our annual Spring road trip in April, 2015 will be returning to the amazing red rocks of Hurricane, Utah.  Located just outside of Zion National Park, Hurricane boasts of beautiful red rocks and an amazing southwest landscape.  We are still locking down the details of the trip, so stay tuned for more information!  


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