Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Babies are here!

Well, we've kicked off our baby season with some special additions.  For the first time in Triple D history, we had badger babies born!  Brother and sister, Bridger and Bridgette, our badger babies have been such an amazing experience for us all!  Despite their notorious reputation, these little babies have been the sweetest!  We are so excited to add them to our vast furry, four-legged family!

Bridger & Bridgette; 2 months old
North American badger babies
Image provided by Jeff Wendorff
In addition to our badger babies, we are introducing a very cute & sweet raccoon baby girl, named Prudence.  Also, a cute little grey fox baby is going to be sticking to our permanent roster.  Her name is Ana and she has quite the personality!  (Other babies available for our baby sessions this summer include two coyote pups, four red fox kits, a bobcat kitten, and three Canada lynx kittens.)
Prudence; 2 months old
Raccoon baby
Image provided by Jeff Wendorff 

Ana; 2 months old
Grey Fox baby
Image provided by Jeff Wendorff

As summer officially approaches, we are looking forward to sunshine and wild flowers, lush green and full ponds.  Our Spring has been pretty mild, however.  Mostly sunny skies & high temperatures.  BUT.....This past week has been nothing but rain!  June apparently had some catching up to do and is getting it all in at once!  Thankfully, we were able to complete our last event and ALL of the optional sessions that were requested.  Fingers crossed for great weather this weekend for the official first day of summer!

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