Saturday, October 20, 2012

M.I.A. but back in action!

It has been quite a while since I've blogged, and for that I sincerely apologize!  As you know, we are up and running on Facebook, which I have used mostly during this busy season.  But I know that there are many people who choose not to use Facebook and that is why the blog is so important.  That said, I would love to share a Triple D update.  We have had quite the addition to our family this year.  In March, we welcomed a little grizzly bear cub (Bruno) to the Triple D, and since then we have adopted a snow leopard cub (Aryaa), an Amur leopard cub (Kupalo), two Tundra wolf puppies (Gracie & Ebony), an Arctic wolf puppy (Morgan), and two Canadian lynx kittens (Avril & Alanis).

Also joining our Triple D family is Lynsi Schneider.  Lynsi will be a tremendous asset to not only the staff, but to the animals as well.  She has spent the past six years at Roosevelt Park Zoo in Minot, ND as a zookeeper.  With her knowledge, work ethic, and her eagerness to learn, she is a pivotal piece to our "wild" puzzle.  We are overcome with excitement at her arrival and we look forward to continuance of  amazing opportunities for our guests, our staff, and of course our animals.

Kupalo, a 5 month old Amur Leopard; critically endangered 

Aryaa, a 5 month old snow leopard; photograph
courtesy of Paul Burwell
Lynsi (left), Bruno (center haha), & Heather (right); Bruno
was obviously amazed at getting his picture taken
(Photo provided by Kathleen O'Neil

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