Saturday, October 27, 2012

A Halloween Winter

Snow has hit the ground!  This week has seen about 5" of snow already!  Its here early, but I would assume that means it'll be here in abundance this winter.  As an Arizonan, I usually cringe when I see that powder white on the ground....BUT!  I know just how important snow is for our busy winter bring it on!!

Bruno had fun playing in the snow!
Avy & Lany
These kittens LOVE to play together
(Photo provided by Debbie Gale)
I have been diligently working on getting our favored winter species in "show" shape.  It looks like our little Arctic wolf puppy, Morgan, just might provide some amazing howling photo opportunities for our guests!  He is quite the excited talker!  New additions to our main winter lineup also boasts Aryaa, a beautiful snow leopard; Kupalo, a rambunctious Amur leopard; Avy & Lany, two very adorable Canadian lynx sisters; and Bruno, an oversized and ornery grizzly bear cub!

Of course we have a variety of  amazing animals that are available all year round, but we are excited for the upcoming winter season!  Workshops & events are booking fast so don't wait & miss out!
Morgan, a ferocious Arctic
wolf puppy

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