Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Meet Bruno! He's unBEARably cute!

Bruno; born January 16, 2012  Weight: 6.9 lbs
Thumb sucker???
Enjoys falling asleep in the
laps of his caretakers

Brown bear claws can measure up to about 2" - 4"
Meet the newest member of the Triple D family!!  His name is "Bruno", which is the international word for brown.  It suits him perfectly!  Bruno took a long road trip across the country with Jay and is finally at his forever home here in Kalispell, MT.  He is settling in nicely.  He is enjoying all of the attention he is getting from all of the staff, too!

Stretching out his toes while he sleeps
Heather & Bruno
Bruno, as of today, weighs 6.9 lbs and is just beginning to get his baby teeth in.  Although, his claws as you can see are ALREADY quite large!  Speaking of size, his father is quite large (about 800 lbs), so we can only imagine just how big little Bruno will become!

The Triple D has big plans and high hopes for his professional career, and with a name like Bruno, he is surely destined for stardom!

Our summer and fall filming slots are filling up fast, so don't forget to make your reservations and secure your spot to see little Bruno in person.....he won't stay small for very long!!!

Stay tuned for more news, pictures, and updates on Bruno & all of our amazing animals!  

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