Saturday, July 27, 2013

Something to "cool off" with....

We are definitely in the full swing of summer & it has certainly been a notably hot one for Glacier's backyard.  Continual highs in the mid-high 90's has certainly called for many many ice cold teas and lemonades and some much needed R&R lakeside!  But why should we get all of the fun???  Don't worry we don't!!!  Many of our animals enjoy splashing around the pond or pools that we provide them!  Some of them even get to chase the hose water around!  Here at the Triple D, the animals take advantage of the midday heat with long summer snooze.  We also help them cool off with some frozen carnivore treats, also known as "bloodsicles!"  It is as simple as it sounds....big chunks of frozen blood/water to create the perfect delight for our super stars.  Our bears often get frozen juices & fruits!  There are edible frozen toys for all!

Bruno enjoying a playful break from cleaning as
the hose gets redirected from his mess
to his mouth......
Bruno: 1 Water: 0

We certainly enjoy our beautiful summers here, but nothing beats the winters.  It's Montana!!  Our most adored winter animals are looking forward to it more than anyone!!  More specifically our snow leopard, Amur leopard, Canadian lynx, and our Siberian tiger cub.  Don't miss out on our winter wildlife sessions in January & is without a doubt a sight to see & an moment to capture.
Aryaa (snow leopard) enjoying this past winter snow!
(Photograph provided by Jeff Wendorff)

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