Friday, May 31, 2013

School's Out For Summer!!!

Ok, so most of us are no longer in school, but I know I still get super giddy the closer we get to summer!  Right now we're shaking off the last of our Spring showers (hopefully) and eager to get back to business with our incredible summer season.  There are many exciting things about summer; the sun, the warmth, BBQ's, boats, lakes, pools, tans, fresh fruit, baseball, and of course, Triple D's animal babies!  This year's rookie line up consists of a tiger cub, wolf pups, coyote pups, red fox kits, bobcat kittens, and a baby porcupine!  While those baby faces are going to instantly melt your heart, don't forget about our seasoned veterans!  Returning to our active roster is as follows:

  • Adult Black Bear - "Casey"
  • Adolescent Grizzly Bear - "Bruno"
  • Adult Mtn Lions - "Kali," "Khia," & "Andy"
  • Snow Leopard - "Aryaa"
  • Amur Leopard - "Kupalo"
  • Wolves - "Gracie," "Ebony," "Lakota," "Big John," "Julia," & "Cila" (and many more for our wolf pack)
  • Coyotes - "Bailey" & "Otis"
  • Red Fox - "Big Joey," "Little Joey," "Baron," & "Singer"
  • Cross Fox - "Dudette"
  • Silver Fox - "Jessie"
  • Grey Fox - "Simon" & "Roxy"
  • Bobcat - "Cpt. Jack" & "Buffy"
  • Canadian Lynx - "Simba," "Avy," & "Lanny"
  • Siberian Lynx - "Dora"
  • Badger - "Opie"
  • Porcupine - "Phyllis Quiller"
  • Fisher - "Ferrah"
  • Pine Marten - "Ernie," "Tarzan," & "Jane"
  • Raccoon - "Missy"
The whole crew, two-legged & four-legged have been working their "tails" off to make sure that this busy summer goes off without a hitch!  We all look forward to seeing you, sharing laughs, and making memories that last forever!

Our tiger cub, Hershey is literally the "cat's meow" around here....

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