Monday, January 30, 2012

A big thank you to Jeff Wendorff and sharing his amazing talent with the Triple "D" staff!  It is always so much fun to see the results of the workshops and photo/filming sessions that take place here, and Jeff generously provided some of his pictures just for our blog!  Thanks, Jeff! 

In addition to capturing the majesty of our animals, he also amazingly illustrates the beautiful habitats in which they are filmed.  Our staff continuously works diligently on maintaining our filming sites to ensure their purity, allure, and of course their safety for our guests and our animals.   


Andy, a 10 year old Mountain Lion

Kali, a 7 month old Mountain Lion

Khia (Kali's littermate), a 7 month old Mountain Lion

Dudette, a 9 year old Cross Fox

Ferrah, a 10 month old Fisher

Lil' Joey, a 2 year old Red Fox

Honey, a 4 year old Arctic Fox

Simba, a 9 month old Canada Lynx

Julia, a 9 month old Arctic Wolf
Horse Roundup

Great Horned Owl

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