Monday, December 26, 2011

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! (and happy belated Thanksgiving....)  Its been WAY too long since we've updated our blog & we are TRULY sorry!  We hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday season & continues to do so through the new year!  Remember, if you like our blog, become a member!  Thanks!

As you all know (or may not), Triple D can sometimes be compared to New York City in that its a business that never sleeps.  Just a couple of weeks ago that similarity was brought to life as our mountain lion cubs, Kali & Khia, were invited to help promote Big Cat Week for NatGeo Wild in the Big Apple. 

Kali (left) & Khia (right) get their
first glimpse at life in the Big Apple

(Left to Right) Bill Hemmer, Casey Anderson, Kali & Khia, Heather Keepers on Fox Morning News promoting 'Stalking the Mountain Lion' for Big Cat Week on NatGeo Wild

December 7th, Kali & Khia made their national television debut on Good Morning America and Fox Morning News.   Sharing the spotlight with Casey Anderson, the girls did not disappoint!  Decked out in crystal collars, pink leashes, and of course their best behavior, its no wonder that Fox wanted more of them.  As our trainer, Heather (who escorted our superstars to NYC) was waiting to board her plane back to Montana, a last minute call came in asking her to get the cats off the plane and stay through the weekend to have the girls be on Fox & Friends on Monday morning, December12.  After weeks of intense planning a five day trip quickly turned into an eleven day trip, but in the end, it was well worth it. 
Kali (right) & Khia (left) relaxing the tub at The Muse Hotel in NYC 

Click on the following links to see the girls' debut on LIVE national television!  We are so proud!

GMA segment:
Fox Morning News:

Even Casey Anderson was like the Paparazzi taking Kali's
picture as she analyzed Times Square

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