Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Jesse showing off his chainsaw skills as he helps get yet another water compound ready for filming
Nick gets instructions from Jesse in order to put a fence around our newest water filming site.
Sorry for the delayed post! The work never stops here at the Triple D!  The staff has been working diligently on getting various filming sites up and running for the winter.  We now have a new water filming site ready for action!  Its gorgeous & we are excited to begin filming there!  

Nick & Heather are getting ready for a five day road trip to Bozeman to continue filming with NatGeo Wild! star, Casey Anderson.  Mr.  Anderson has just announced his partnership with XBOX Kinect & a new interactive video game to be released next year.  We are SO excited to be a part of this!  The game will feature animated footage of our mountain lion cubs, Kali & Khia, as well as (of course), little Casey bear! 

Casey bear posing on a log, getting ready for our five day road trip to Bozeman.

Casey working on his mark as Nick loads up the feed stick with his favorite treat...CHEESE!

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