Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Heather & Cpt Jack
The trainers at Triple D continue to make progress with getting all of the animals acclimated and accustomed.  Captain Jack & Heather (left) were able to get one last warm day in last week.  Now, its all hoodies & warm boots from now until Spring! 

Heather, Andy, & Nick

Andy is getting really comfortable with his new trainers, as Heather & Nick proceed with regular walks and socializations.  He spends his walks purring & rubbing on anything that will feel good scratching his neck.  He is easily motivated for treats & affection. 

The mountain lion cubs are tipping the scales now at over 20 pounds!!!  Their walks are filled with exploring challenges, but they gain more and more confidence every day!  They enjoy each other's company and rumble & tumble with each other at every chance they get. 
Kali (left) & Khia (right)
Khia watching Jesse on the tractor as he works hard on new habitats

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